LeadsOnline helps a new detective solve an old case

“LeadsOnline helped a brand new detective to solve a year old case. I looked through old case files and came across one that caught my eye. A nice man (victim) allowed his employee (suspect) free reign to his house as a lawn/maintenance man. One day the gentleman noticed some items missing and could not understand who would take them. His maintenance man was my only suspect. I searched LeadsOnline and was able to find a ladder, a saw, and a high dollar pressure washer just by description. I matched that with the first name of the maintenance man and came across a few tickets to look through. My suspect sold the three items at three different locations; and he also had a history. Luckily, he was wanted out of New Mexico. We arrested him for warrants and he confessed to the theft.”

Sgt. Crescencio Salazar
Springtown Police Department