LeadsOnline helps get a full confession

“During a recent St. Peters investigation of a Felony Burglary, a suspected acquaintance of the victim’s daughter was a well-known local heroin addict. The suspect in this incident kicked in a rear door of the residence and over $8,000 in reported jewelry and electronics were reported stolen. A subsequent investigation included surprising the suspect at his weekly probation & parole meeting and the subject was taken into custody. During further interrogation, the suspect was interviewed and later presented with multiple LeadsOnline printouts showing the suspect pawning the stolen jewelry and other items from the burglary. After being presented with the LeadsOnline tickets showing the dates an times the suspect pawned the stolen jewelry & tools, the suspect made a full confession regarding the burglary and stealing. The suspect admitted to selling some of the items to pawn shops and trading other items for heroin from his drug dealer. The suspect’s probation was revoked and he is currently incarcerated facing a 7-year backup for the probation violation and additional time if convicted on the two other felony charges.”

Sgt. Lee Carden
Odenville Police Department