LeadsOnline helps police focus on retail theft

“I used LeadsOnline to further an investigation leading to the recovery of property and prosecution in other cases as well. I began to monitor the pawn history of one suspect pawning an unusually high quantity of high-end sporting and hunting optics. He was pawning new items. The suspect was committing fraudulent returns at least two major retailers in a neighboring jurisdiction and then selling the cards via a well-known internet classifieds list site. Through coordination of three different local agencies and the dedication of the stores’ asset protection staff, the suspect was caught in the act in early September, stealing — you guessed it — more binoculars. The suspect subsequently confessed to all the previous thefts. A conservative estimate on the value of the total amount of items could be set at $5000 to $6000. Without the ease of use and automation of LeadsOnline this prolific shoplifter may have gone undetected for much longer and the property may have never been recovered. The agency with jurisdiction in the case is currently working on recovery of the property and prosecution of the case.”

Det. Frank Cockrell
Comal County Sheriff’s Office