LeadsOnline is criminals’ kryptonite; Detectives search nationwide, not just three doors down

“I have been in law enforcement for 22 years now and know all too well the challenges investigating property crimes. It was standard, and unfortunately accepted, that you were limited to looking in your immediate area. This primarily consisted of going to pawn shops in person and reviewing tickets. As you can imagine, the man hours that it took to accomplish this task was astronomical and the cases were very rarely solved. To tell you how LeadsOnline has revolutionized the field of investigations would be like trying to explain how beneficial air is to the living soul! LeadsOnline is the criminal’s kryptonite and now WE have the edge. The most beneficial factor is that our elected officials have now seen this and have begun to pass mandatory electronic reporting laws. I can assure you that if it was not for LeadsOnline, this would not even be a thought. Let me finish by saying this: LeadsOnline is the fuel in the investigative engine. I access it multiple times a day and it has not only made me a very formidable investigator, but it has definitely shaken the criminal element to its very foundation. I want to personally thank each of you for doing what you do for us in law enforcement, but more so for victims of crime.”

Det. Donnie Manues
White County Sheriff’s Office