LeadsOnline: It’s just better

“1. LeadsOnline is a much faster system. Our in-house system is backlogged anywhere from two weeks to six months. 2. LeadsOnline is an electronic system. Our in-house system has numerous stores that do not transfer data electronically. We have to pick up the pawn slips and have them entered into our system by hand. 3. LeadsOnline is nationwide. Our in-house system can only search stores in Austin. The bad guys know this and will take stolen property to different cities to pawn. 4. LeadsOnline is potentially more accurate. LeadsOnline data only has to be entered once electronically. Using our in-house system, the data may have to be hand entered more than once. This can create errors. 5. LeadsOnline has additional helpful info. LeadsOnline has more data concerning phone numbers and addresses of the businesses right on the search page.”

Det. John Hardage
Austin Police Department