LeadsOnline provides crucial link in homicide

“A body was discovered dumped in the brush alongside a road just inside the city limits. The body was that of a decomposed male. Homicide Detectives with Austin Police were able to identify the victim and they learned the deceased male was missing some jewelry. Homicide detectives traced the whereabouts and acquaintances of the victim and learned that he was probably killed around July 30. Homicide detectives contacted the pawn unit of APD to search any pawn activity to the known associates of the deceased male. I searched the Austin Police pawn records and did not find anything on the two names provided to me. I then logged onto LeadsOnline and searched these same individuals. I found a possible match on one of the subjects. He had pawned four rings at an Action Pawn store in Round Rock, TX on July 30.. This pawn transaction was suspicious to the homicide detectives working the case. They went to the pawn shop and photographed the jewelry that was pawned by the known associate. These photographs were shown to the family of the deceased and they positively identified the jewelry as that belonging to the deceased male.

This positive identification and documentation indicating the pawner selling these items about the time the victim died, has provided a great lead for the detectives to possibly solve this homicide case. This information probably would not have been found without the help of LeadsOnline.”

Det. Joseph Lucas
Austin Police Department