LeadsOnline provides evidence that coax out confessions from suspects

“A victim reported a stolen ring valued at $8,000 shortly after having an employee of a local TV/internet company at her home for service. The employee was interviewed shortly after the report and denied involvement. A year later, I queried the case report to compare a suspected stolen ring recovered by another department to our victim’s ring. It was not it. I saw in the initial reports LeadsOnline had not been queried. I checked the employee’s name on Leads and found he sold a ring to a jewelry store shortly after the date of the theft. The victim had made a sketch of her ring for the initial officer and I was able to compare that to the photo taken by the jewelry store placed on Leads. It was a match! The suspect employee was interviewed and denied any knowledge…until I showed him the Leads printout. He immediately confessed.”

Det. Matthew Lovell
Verona Police Department