LeadsOnline provides information to Detectives in Arizona

“Two men entered a business and removed four guitars from the wall without paying for them, before escaping in a Ford truck. An employee was able to get a license plate and description of the vehicle, and the registered owner was later identified as one of the suspects. A LeadsOnline check was completed and I learned the suspect had sold one of the guitars to a business in Phoenix, Arizona. I also received a telephone call from LeadsOnline confirming the hit on the guitar.

With the information provided by LeadsOnline, I was able to ascertain which business the guitar was sold to, the item description, the ticket number, and suspect information immediately. I was able to place a hold on the guitar and retrieved it before it was sold. I was also able to locate the suspect owning the Ford truck and he is now in jail awaiting trial. Based on his criminal past, he is looking at a steep sentence. The second suspect is still at large.”

Det. John Wyant
Salt River AZ PD