LeadsOnline search credited for solving 4 cases at 3 different agencies

“I was assigned two cases for burglary and theft of property that occurred in February. During the course of the investigation, I found some of the property through LeadsOnline at a local business. The suspect had also sold several other items, but no report could be found on the other items. Later while looking for the suspect, I learned the suspect was a person of interest in a church burglary that occurred in early 2015, so I made contact with the Detective working that case. After receiving the case, I noticed some of the items reported stolen matched the description of items the suspect had just sold the week before. During the interview I showed him the proof of the sold items from Craighead County and he confessed not only to that Burglary, but to another theft. The LeadsOnline search is credited for solving 4 cases at three different agencies.”

Det. Kenneth Booth
White County Sheriff’s Department