LeadsOnline tracks down fugitives on the run

“In a neighboring agency, a young woman had a firearm stolen. It was determined that her father had stolen the firearm from her and sold it at a business. Her father then fled and was not seen again for several years. The agency issued a felony warrant for his arrest; however, the case went cold. The victim stated that her father was a good man prior to falling in with the wrong crowd and marrying a woman affiliated with that crowd. The victim provided me with a name and date of birth. Using LeadsOnline, I searched for that woman and two entries were found. Both were where the suspects had sold some power tools and cellular phones. I immediately passed the information along and within two days, a suspect who had been on the run for two years was placed in custody and is awaiting extradition. Although the neighboring agency receives credit for the arrest, I was proud to play an integral part in the location and apprehension of the suspect.”

Ofc. Byron Johncox
Cave Springs Police Department