LeadsOnline training leads to capture of serial burglar

“While being trained by Russell on how to use the search functions of LeadsOnline, we identified a serial burglar. Utilizing two search functions of LeadsOnline, we identified a suspect that had sold 81 items of Jewelry at five different locations, with 48 separate tickets. There was a break in activity; however, research showed he was incarcerated during this period._x000D_The County task force was contacted, since the sales were being done outside of our jurisdiction. Within 48 hours, the task force that was surveying the business made an arrest on the suspect selling jewelry from a recent burglary. He subsequently confessed to over two dozen recent burglaries, and also gave up drug information. Russell did a great job training us. By identifying and pointing out red flags, it led to the capture of a serial burglar and solved dozens of open cases within the county.”

Ofc. Mark Conachen
Richmond MI PD