LeadsOnline tutorial leads to major case

“Last fall, we were encouraged to register for LeadsOnline and take the tutorial. I called and started my tutorial with a LeadsOnline operator, who was very helpful in showing me how to navigate the system. When the operator showed me how to look up people from my city who were selling items, we both were a bit shocked at one of the results. We were taken aback at one of the results showing over 100 transactions in a very short time for one person. After completing the tutorial, I made the subject a person of interest and started following his activities. I started noticing a pattern of the stores in which he was getting gift cards from, and I contacted all of the stores. Long story short, the subject we located during the tutorial was a heroin addict who had as many as 15 other people working for him, stealing merchandise and returning it for the gift cards, which they were selling. After collecting as much information as I could, the case was turned over to the detective section, and they went and interviewed the suspect. He admitted to stealing the items, returning them, and getting the gift cards which he then sold. All-in-all, the suspect and his crew stole over $20,000 in merchandise over a period of a few short months, and used the money for drugs. The operation is now shut down and he is awaiting those charges while in jail on a probation violation. If it had not been for taking a few minutes to learn your system, this guy and his friends would still be out stealing, returning, and getting drugs for the stolen items. A big “thank you” to the LeadsOnline operator who helped find a case that would have never been noticed otherwise.”

Ofc. Donald Cole
Beavercreek Police Department