LeadsOnline’s investigative system assists lieutenant in bringing true justice

“I had a burglary/theft case involving a $900.00 lawn mower. I got a hit from LeadsOnline. Three days later I traveled to the suspect’s work an hour away from my jurisdiction and convinced him to talk with me in my vehicle. I received a full confession and the suspect agreed that the victim should not have to pay for the mower at the business. The suspect and I traveled to the business where he paid the owed money and I took possession of the stolen mower. I allowed the victim to speak with the suspect over my speaker phone during which the thief confessed and begged for forgiveness. So in conclusion, the thief is caught and the victim is out nothing at all, which in Missouri doesn’t happen. Oh, the victim still wants to press the charges. It was a Good Day.”

Lt. Lance White
Ste. Genevieve County Sheriff’s Department