Lieutenant notified by LeadsOnline and leads to the arrest of two criminals

“On March 10th, I began an investigation into two separate reported theft and “break ins”. These two incidents initially involved two unknown suspects and the incidents were believed to be committed on or before March 9th. I became aware of the theft of a Samsung 32″ smart TV while inspecting the crime scene where a Jeep Cherokee SUV had been rummaged through by unknown suspects. The TV was stolen from a shop/garage and the Jeep was at a neighboring residence. For ten days, I conducted numerous computer based searches for the selling or pawning of the smart TV. No viable suspects had been identified for these incidents through my searches. The suspect or suspects are believed to have possibly walking from a parked car or local residence and carried the smart TV from it’s original location from the victim’s shop/garage. This belief is due to the viewing of a surveillance recording by SGCSO, Deputy Bryan Berg during his investigation referencing the Jeep Cherokee. I conducted a canvas of the immediate area, but did not identify suspects. On March 20th, I closed these investigations due to no suspects being identified. On April 4th, I reopened investigations into the stolen smart TV and the car break in. In addition, I associated another reported incident to the same initially unknown suspects. This incident referred to a burglary and theft of a Stihl chainsaw from a garage within a short walking distance of the other incidents. This incident was reported after the victim had realized his chainsaw was missing. He recalled that his garage door was suspiciously left open a few weeks prior to him reporting the chainsaw stolen in late March. I was notified by LeadsOnline that a hit on the victim’s chainsaw’s serial number had been noted. After confirming the serial number hit was accurate, I contacted the business. I learned that the suspect had not only sold the victim’s chainsaw, but the 32″ Samsung smart TV on March 9th. The suspect reportedly signed documents with the business and provided identification. The business advised me the chainsaw and the smart TV had already been sold and no documentation are kept of persons buying items from them; therefore, the current locations of the items are unknown. On April 5th, I continued this investigation and learned the suspect had a warrant for his arrest issued by Perry County. The charge related to the arrest warrant was for Burglary without forced entry. I contacted Perry County Sheriff’s Detectives and learned that on March 16th, Perry County Deputies identified my suspect along with three other suspects as persons who were in the act of committing theft from cars and burglaries of garages in Perry County. Two of these suspects have been arrested, but the other two, including my suspect, remain at large. I am seeking arrest warrants for the suspect and continuing this investigation.”

Lt. Lance White
Sainte Genevieve County MO Sheriff