Mason City officer proves lying woman wrong with evidence acquired through LeadsOnline

“Last month, a female came into our police department and filled out a report for a stolen Nintendo DS. The female had the serial number, however, the serial number is a sticker attached to the DS. She told me that she had searched her house for a week and could not locate the DS. She told me she did have a friend over that is usually `hard up` for money. I searched on LeadsOnline but could not locate the DS by serial number. I then entered the friend’s name and BOOM, there was the friend’s name on a transaction ticket with a red Nintendo DS. She did not want her friend charged, she just wanted her property back and for me to tell the friend she was not welcome at the residence anymore. I called the friend and initially played dumb. She was very rude and vulgar with me as she put the blame on the owner’s kids saying that they probably stole the DS or that the kids maybe took it to the pool and left it. I then informed her that I had the transaction slip in my hand with her name and what she sold and when. There was nothing but silence on the phone. I then informed her she was not being charged and she confessed to everything. Her attitude with me over the phone changed and she was apologetic and appreciative and even called me honey before the conversation ended.”

Ofc. Jason Stiles
Mason City Police Department