Missouri police return victim’s stolen property

“A victim reported a residential burglary and the theft of a Chop Saw. When questioned about when the property was stolen, the victim gave a specific date. She said she departed for work, and when she returned to her residence she found her walk-through garage door wide open. I asked who she thought took the saw, and she explained she was having problems with her boyfriend’s brother. She said he was on drugs and was selling a lot of his family’s property. She identified her boyfriend’s brother by name and acknowledged she would likely never see the saw again. She reiterated how she couldn’t stand people stealing her property, and she wanted the suspect’s family to know she would go to the police. I checked LeadsOnline regarding the suspect and property. Even though the victim didn’t know the serial number and model, LeadsOnline assisted in identifying the saw. After checking the suspect by name, I learned he sold the victim’s saw. Charges are pending and the saw was returned to the owner.”

Det. Jessie Winson
Riverside Police Department