More than one way to catch a crook

“Around the middle of May, a burglary report came across my desk that I thought should be routine, like all the rest, but this one continued to elude me and my leads. I’d heard of LeadsOnline from an investigator I’ve worked with from another jurisdiction. I had exhausted every lead I had and other cases were piling up, so I put this one on the back burner. Every other day or so, I punched in the serial number in the search engine to no avail. After a week of that I remembered you told me of the different ways to search and search the approximate serial number and BAM! there it was! Without LeadsOnline I couldn’t have solved this case. Thanks Anya, you have been a great help , showing the several different ways LeadsOnline can help me help my community. If the rest of the staff at LeadsOnline are as helpful as you then you guys need to give yourselves a pat on the back.”

Sgt. Lee Carden
Odenville Police Department