Multi-jurisdictional burglar caught with LeadsOnline

“I recently solved a case by searching LeadsOnline that included more than 30 to 40 victims from two jurisdiction. I located an iPod that was pawned at a local pawn shop just one day after the theft. During the summer, several jurisdictions were getting hit with larceny from vehicles that had occurred overnight. By finding this one iPod, it led myself and several detectives to a house that contained over 50 stolen items. As I was searching LeadsOnline for stolen property related to a burglary I was investigating, I came across two class rings that were pawned. These two class rings were very unique, and they actually had a named inscribed on the inside of the ring. By working with our crime analyst, we were able to determine that the rings were stolen from a neighboring jurisdiction. The rings were part of a burglary series that has led to one person being charged. LeadsOnline is a great asset to my department, and I will continue to use it on a daily basis.”

Ofc. Justin Hubbard
Roanoke County Police