Multiple thefts across three jurisdictions

“I was assigned a Stealing Over $500 investigation involving an employee from a carpet cleaning company. While cleaning victims’ carpets, the employee stole three very expensive rings. During the course of my investigation, I entered the employee’s name into LeadsOnline in an attempt to locate him. The employee is an immigrant from Iraq, and due to his unusual name, I entered just the first name into the LeadsOnline system, which came up with a match. He sold four pieces of jewelry to a pawn shop in St. Charles City (a neighboring county). The victim in my case identified one of the rings as being hers. The ring recovered was valued at $1,800.00. I spoke with the St. Charles City, Missouri Police Department about the offense. Det. Gary Drury from St. Charles City advised me that he possibly had a case on the employee. After speaking with me, he was also able to make a case on the employee. Through further investigation, I found that the Crestwood, Missouri Police Department also had an interest in the employee. After relaying information to Det. Applebaum from Crestwood, he was able to make the case. In total, the employee pawned 15 items of jewelry at area pawnshops. He is currently pending trial in circuit court. Without LeadsOnline, this case may have gone unsolved.”

Det. Michael Reynolds
Ballwin Police Department