There is no honor or loyalty among criminals. Misery does love company.

“Three suspects, linked to over 10 burglaries in a four month period, were apprehended after a residential burglary in which they stole a victim’s purse while she was sleeping. After being awoken to the sound of glass breaking, the victim entered her kitchen to find missing property. She heard the sound of a muffler from a loud vehicle speeding away in the distance. The authorities were made aware of the use of the credit cards stolen along with the purse, and a still photo was acquired of one of the suspects involved. After the photo was placed on a website and in several newspapers, a tip was received as to the whereabouts of the criminal. The suspect turned himself in to authorities and gave up the name of a second suspect who was apprehended and questioned. In turn, he gave up a third suspect from the crime. After running their names through the LeadsOnline database, several items were found. The crooks are now awaiting trial due to the evidence brought forth from LeadsOnline. Thank you LeadsOnline!”

Det. Keith Craft
Houma Police Department