One-of-a-kind diamond ring returned to rightful owner

“In July 2003, I received a case file where an elderly lady hired a caretaker to help her around her apartment because of an illness she had. Items started coming up missing, including a one-of-a-kind custom made diamond ring given to her by her deceased husband. The suspect of course denied she ever stole anything from the lady. I ran her name and her daughter’s name through LeadsOnline and discovered numerous pawns at 2 pawn shop locations by both the suspect and her daughter. I found the stolen ring at one of the pawn shops, and the manager not only had the signed pawn ticket by the suspect, he was able to identify the suspect as the person who pawned the ring. The suspect had been stealing from her elderly clients and pawning the stolen jewelry. I reported her to the state licensing department and had her license revoked. The suspect was also charged with a Felony for stealing. The victim was so happy to be able to get her late husband’s keepsake back.”

Det. Ron Gondran
Blue Springs Police Department