Pawn ticket and GPS data help catch repeat offender

“Earlier this month, one of our fine deputies took a burglary of a motor vehicle report. After reading the report, I found no serial numbers for the Magellan GPS that was stolen from the vehicle, so I figured this would be another inactive case. But the next day, I decided to check LeadsOnline and entered just the words `Magellan GPS` in the description and Baytown, TX, for the city where I thought I might find my suspect. While scrolling through the list of several names, I found one for a suspect my partner and I had dealt with in the past. This suspect was good for some vehicle burglaries in the past and he had just recently pawned an item I was looking for. So, I printed the ticket from my computer and went to the pawn shop. Once at the pawn shop I asked the clerk to bring me the item that I was looking for. And lo and behold, I turned the GPS on and found my complainant’s address inside. I recovered the property and returned it to a happy citizen. Oh, and it didn’t take me long to convince the judge to sign off on the warrant.”

Sgt. Charles Alexander
Chambers County Sheriff’s Office