Pawnshop robberies solved, thousands in stolen jewelry recovered for Alabama pawnbrokers

“Our agency was investigating a robbery of a local pawn shop. Surrounding cities were also working robberies of pawn shops believed to be done by the same people, about 25 robberies in all. While talking to another pawn shop, the manager told me about LeadsOnline. I contacted LeadsOnline and was setup for a free month. During my investigation, I received a name of a suspect. I put his name in and was shocked to see all the transactions. I, along with the loss prevention employee, went to the pawn shops listed and recovered nearly $6000 in stolen jewelry. This enabled me to obtain a warrant on the suspect. It also helped other jurisdictions. He was later picked up on a warrant. I believe this would not have been possible without LeadsOnline.”

Det. Sgt. Rodriguez
Midfield Police Department