Perfect timing and a stolen firearm is recovered in record time

“I received a report of a stolen firearm, and used LeadsOnline to search it. While I was doing this, someone from the LeadsOnline team called to check in and see if there was anything they could help with. I told her that her timing was perfect. She took the time to give me helpful search hints. Well, those helpful search hints paid off, because two days later, when I was at home writing reports late one night, I receive an email from LeadsOnline saying there as a hit on one of my searches. Sure enough, I logged in, and it was the missing firearm! Without YOU and your database this would not have happened. One bad guy down and infinity more to go. Thanks again. God bless you 🙂 and as I always say, Be Safe Out There!”

Capt. Mark Brock
Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office