Plasma TV recovered by serial number search

“I use LeadsOnline everyday as a civilian pawn investigator assigned to the Property Crimes Division in Detectives. I have found stolen property in pawn shops in cases that were initially closed with ‘no leads.’ I was able to use LeadsOnline to find stolen property in 12 cases that were linked to one suspect who had been breaking into cars in our city and a neighboring city. The same suspect escalated his behavior and began stealing store `spinner` displays of gold jewelry, and pawning the jewelry. The story has a happy ending for us and the victims, not so much for the arrestee. A similar case occurred where a suspect broke into a heating and air conditioning repair van, stole several high-end tools, and pawned them. Using LeadsOnline, I was able to locate those tools and research the suspect’s pawn history. I found that he had pawned several similar items in May of last year. Those items were then matched to a theft case that had occurred in our city! Cases that had originally been closed with no leads were cleared. LeadsOnline makes it easy to solve pawn violation cases and return stolen property to victims. The suspects are left wondering how we found out about their crimes so fast! Thanks!”

Community Service Ofc. Beth Buchholtz
Longmont Police Department