Police recover mother’s stolen belongings with advanced search techniques

“My mother’s house was broken into, and there was no physical evidence to collect at the scene to develop leads. When I lived with my mom after college, I wrote down several serial numbers of items in her house. These provided some information to follow up on after the break-in. Using LeadsOnline, I went a few weeks with no hits on the serial numbers. When I started searching for just the item descriptions and not the serial numbers, I located a leaf blower that was stolen from my mom’s house. It was sold eight days after the theft. Using LeadsOnline I searched the suspect and located several items from several house burglaries that occurred in the past few weeks. As we began recovering items from the business, we learned that the business was intentionally entering the wrong serial numbers on items being sold to them. Thanks LeadsOnline for locating some of my mom’s stolen items and also helping us recover other items which lead to several arrests.”

Det. Johnathan Williams
Monroe Police Department
North Carolina