Proactive Miamisburg detective got a head start, with LeadsOnline, catching these crooks

“While looking into two burglary suspects I found transaction receipts through LeadsOnline. The two had sold jewelry at a business in an adjoining county. Knowing the jewelry was likely taken in a burglary, I responded to that business and took pictures of the property. An alert was sent to area police departments along with pictures of the jewelry. A detective at Kettering PD advised that this jewelry might belong to one of his victims from a burglary that had occurred on that same day. The victims ultimately identified the jewelry and have been able to recover it from the business. The jewelry had a lot of sentimental value as a number of pieces had belonged to a deceased family member. I will be utilizing LeadsOnline to continue to build a case against these two individuals. ”

Det. Sgt. Jeff Muncy
Miamisburg Police Department