Rapid search helps Oregon detective solve numerous burglaries

“I recently cleared two burglary cases because of LeadsOnline. I had two burglary incidents in the same small town reported over a 10-day span. I searched LeadsOnline for the stolen property my victim reported and confirmed the pawner was a person of interest in the case making him the hands down suspect. The suspect identified with LeadsOnline made statements to witnesses that were eerily the same as statements the suspect made in my other burglary case. A photo line up was created, and the suspect found on LeadsOnline was identified as the suspect my first victim caught in the act. Because LeadsOnline is so easy to use and full of great info, I was able to clear two cases (arrest warrant pending on suspect) and thousands of dollars in property was returned to my victim. Thank you LeadsOnline!”

Dep. Travis Snyder
Josephine County Sheriff’s Office/Patrol