Retirement community security guard burglarizes residents

“I was assigned a case where jewelry was being stolen out of residences’ at a retirement community. After talking to management and questioning people who had access to the residences, I completed a search on LeadsOnline and developed a good suspect. I made contact with management of the retirement community and questioned them about the individual. Management advised the individual was an employee of the retirement community who worked as a security guard and had access to all of the residences at the facility. Management had left off the individual because they did not think about the security guard position when they gave me a list of the employees that I wanted to question. The security guards at the facility get alerts when residents go out of town and request their residences to be checked while they are gone or request not to check the residence when they are out of town. The security guard would get a list of the residences where the homeowners were out of town and would then commit burglaries to the residences. After a LeadsOnline search, I was able to recover large amounts of stolen jewelry and a large coin collection that was stolen by the suspect. The suspect was interviewed and confessed to all of the burglaries. Without LeadsOnline, I would not have been able to identify the suspect and later be able to recover the stolen items. Thanks again LeadsOnline for all your help!!!”

Dep. Michael Smith
St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office