Saving time and recovering property with LeadsOnline serial number search

“I am a detective assigned to investigate burglaries and thefts. I was assigned a burglary in which over $10,000 of tools were taken from a warehouse. The victim gave me information on a person he suspected to have committed the burglary. Before I could contact that person, the victim contacted me with serial numbers for some of the stolen property. Using the pawn shop search in LeadsOnline, I was able to locate some of the stolen property in another jurisdiction. I was able to recover property at two pawn shops, identify a suspect and recover additional property at his residence. Video from one of the pawn shops allowed me to identify a second suspect. Neither suspect was the person named by the victim. LeadsOnline was able to eliminate wasted time in my investigation as well as identify the suspects in the case.”

Det. Russell Leonards
Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office