Search show iPod thief responsible for more thefts

“I was assigned a residential burglary case, and I conducted a LeadsOnline search for the stolen iPod. Since the serial number was provided to the Officer, I was able to positively verify the iPod was at a local shop. The items were sold within three hours of the time the victim left her residence. The victim was able to verify the Apple iPod was her property and stated she still has the receipt. I also located three pairs of women’s earrings sold by the suspect on the same day. The victim was able to give me a description of the property, and it matched the items. The items were on two separate transactions. The victim did not give anyone permission to enter her home or take her property. After conducting my investigation, I determined that probable cause existed to arrest the defendant for the burglary. The suspect was located in the St. Lucie County Jail and is being held for the following charges; Felony Theft and dealing in Stolen Property. I went to the St. Lucie County Jail to interview the suspect about the burglary. The suspect admitted to the burglary and taking the items that were pawned. The suspect did not admit to taking any property I did not have proof that he took. The suspect stated he stole the property because he is currently homeless, a drug user and owed people money. Thank you LeadsOnline!”

Det. Dean Herzog
Port St. Lucie Police Department