Serial residential and vehicle burglars caught with help of LeadsOnline

“We recently made an arrest for several burglaries throughout the city of Hialeah and Hialeah Gardens. The subjects were targeting residents and vehicles. They were ‘car hopping’ by going up and down residential areas and attempting to locate unlocked vehicles. If unlocked, they opened and removed any property from inside. This was mostly done during the night hours. During the day, they committed residential burglaries by entering through the rear of the house, breaking a bedroom window or sliding glass door. Once inside the residence, they ransacked the houses and removed jewelry and electronics. On some cases, the subjects removed the keys to the victim’s vehicle and stole the vehicle. At the end of the crime spree, the subjects would get together and attempt to sell the property at a local business. We used LeadsOnline to recover some of the property and identify the suspects.”

Det. Donald Duhart
Hialeah Police Department