Shoe print leads to arrest with a little help from LeadsOnline

“We checked LeadsOnline for a known subject as a person of interest on a burglary of habitation and theft case. The subject broke into a residence by breaking a window to gain entry. Unfortunately for him, the inside double glass window did not break and fell to the ground. The suspect entered and stepped all over the window with his tennis shoes and took a several items of high value. When investigators approached the male subject and asked for consent to search his residence, the male subject agreed knowing that he did not have any of the stolen items at the house. Investigators knew that already and were looking for his shoes. The shoes were located inside the bedroom with the same exact shoe print as the ones left on the window. Investigators advised him to sit tight and wait for the arrest warrant to come out. Further investigation revealed that he had sold most of the items at a local business. Thanks, LeadsOnline for the help.”

Sgt. David Liendo
Webb County Sheriff’s Office