Smart detective work – instant results with LeadsOnline

“When working a recent burglary, a victim gave a serial number, size and description of a stolen television. The TV was entered on GCIC. Several days later, I was contacted by another Police agency and advised that they had stopped a vehicle with a TV in it that matched my entered serial number, but the TV was a different size. I remembered the victim had stated he bought the TV from a pawn shop several months ago. I entered LeadsOnline and ran the serial numbers the timeframe of the last two years. I immediately got a return and verified that the victim had reported the wrong size on the TV as verified by the pawn ticket when the pawn shop purchased the TV. As a result, the TV was verified and confiscated. Without LeadsOnline, the verification on the TV size could have taken a while. LeadsOnline is a great investigative tool and a great search method for property.”

Det. Rick Hammond
Athens-Clarke County Police Department