Step-daughter caught after stealing $60,000 in property

“I received a case with very little follow up info except for a camera make and serial number. I ran the serial number through LeadsOnline and found the name of a possible suspect. The last name was different than the victim’s so I had no problem asking him if he knew who this woman was. He went silent for a while and said, `That explains it….` His step-daughter had been cleaning him out and pawning items. We figured out through LeadsOnline that she had been at it for over two years and had pawned a retail value of about $60,000 worth of his stuff. Step-dad and mom went forward with prosecution and the suspect plead guilty to the felony. We got his camera and some tools back. The other stuff was long gone but she was ordered to pay $14,270 in restitution.”

Det. Todd Bilbo
Boise Police Department