Stereo stolen by meatball recovered

“I had a $1,800.00 car stereo reported stolen out of a vehicle and had no suspects at the time. Soon after, I was checking the individuals pawning in my county and I noticed a Pioneer Car stereo that was sold to a Pawn Shop in Mobile, Alabama, about an hour away. I noticed that the subject who’d sold it was someone that I had arrested for theft in the past and he had a nickname of Meatball. I went back and looked at the report that patrol took and saw that the victim stated that he noticed a guy in his yard on the day the stereo went missing and he only knew him as Meatball. The stereo was identified as the stolen one and the bad guy was arrested. When I interviewed the suspect, and knew that I had the stereo, he stated that he knew he was done and he better get a lawyer. How did we ever do this without LeadsOnline? Thanks for being there for us.”

Sgt. Ron Baggette
Clarke County Sheriff’s Department