Stolen musical instruments returned to church in Kentucky

“Our agency had a burglary complaint from a local church. Trooper Whitaker responded to the church and spoke with the pastor who explained they had some musical equipment stolen. At the time there were no leads. I logged into LeadsOnline to check if any of the stolen items matched any from my agency. I found a guitar and other equipment that was sold in a city about two hours from the church. When I checked the subject’s name, I quickly realized he lived about half a mile from the church that was burglarized. I immediately called the business to make sure they still had the items in their possession, and luckily they did. I explained to them the situation, and they were very understanding. I contacted Trooper Whitaker and advised him of the findings, and he was familiar with the suspect. He retrieved the items from the business and returned it to the church where they were able to enjoy them once again. Trooper Whitaker also located the suspect who gave a full written confession for the crime. Since then, he has been indicted on the charges. Without LeadsOnline these items would have never been recovered and an arrest would not have happened so quickly.”

Trooper Daniel Vossmer
Kentucky State Police