Stolen rifle in Texas is sold in Louisiana and is recovered with the help of LeadsOnline

“A complainant had just returned home from a hunting trip. He parked his truck at his apartments and went inside for the night. When he came out the next morning he found his truck had been broken into and his riflehad been stolen. Conroe PD got a LeadsOnline hit from Benton, LA. We called to verify the serial number and description of the rifle. Upon confirmation, we placed a hold on the gun. Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office recovered the firearm for Conroe PD from the business, and (per their policy) shipped it back to Conroe PD to be returned to the owner. We returned the rifle to the owner and he stated that it was the first rifle he had purchased and was happy to have it back.”

Anlst. Melissa Falcon
Conroe Police Department