Storm grate thief put behind bars

“The city of Raleigh, North Carolina was experiencing a rising trend in the theft of metal storm grates over a period of two months. Working as a metal theft detective, it is sometimes hard to track stolen metal and identify the suspects in these cases. LeadsOnline made the difference in this case. In total, there were seven cases that specifically identified this series of theft. Using LeadsOnline, a suspect was identified that had been scrapping nothing but storm grates and miscellaneous shredder material. The same day I identified the suspect, an officer called me to tell me he had taken a report of some stolen storm grates, and just missed the suspect at the scrap yard, according to witnesses. With the investigative information obtained from the reports, witnesses and LeadsOnline information, I was able to place the suspect at the scene of the crimes within time, proximity and possession of stolen property. LeadsOnline helped me clear out seven cases, a pattern crime and identify $12,850 in stolen property at a scrap yard.”

Det. Wilbur O’Neal
Raleigh Police Department
North Carolina