Suspect asks sister to sell stolen jewelry in different state

“We had a case where jewelry was stolen from a retirement home from three victims. The victims were all in their 90s. The retirement home had a suspect, and after running her name through LeadsOnline it came up empty. I ran a search with the same name outside of our state and low and behold, I found a match. The first name was different so I called the business where the jewelry was sold. After obtaining information, I discovered it was the sister of the suspect. The suspect told her own sister that her boyfriend gave her the jewelry and asked her to sell it because she didn’t have a license to drive to West Virginia. After speaking with the suspect by phone, she called her sister and told her the jewelry was stolen. The sister that had nothing to do with the crime gave me a statement stating her sister did steal the jewelry and admitted it to her. This is yet another case where LeadsOnline helped me solve it. Thank you.”

Inv. Patrick Hobbs
Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office