Suspect flees state lines and caught by LeadsOnline

“While working an assault case, the victim stated her car was stolen in a neighboring county, but when it was recovered, none of her belongings were in the vehicle. The victim had a suspect name but did not know who stole her vehicle. The victim provided me with the serial number for her laptop that was in the vehicle when it was stolen. I ran the serial number through LeadsOnline and found where the laptop had been sold across the state line in Tennessee. The person who sold her laptop was the suspect she believed stole her car. I forwarded the information to the detective in the neighboring county who was able to recover the laptop and obtain warrants on the offender. The person who was arrested when the vehicle was recovered was not who the victim suspected of stealing her vehicle. With the laptop being sold in another state, the person who actually stole the vehicle would not have been arrested, and this case would not have been solved without the assistance of LeadsOnline.”

Det. Tim Busby
Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office