Protecting all, including the pizza delivery person

“Around 11 p.m. on March 4, a pizza delivery person was beaten and robbed during a delivery. The two suspects (one black male and one white female) had phoned in a fake order to a vacant residence. When the delivery person arrived she was knocked to the ground and drug into the garage by her hair. The suspect’s roughed her up a little bit and threatened her with a club. They took a small amount of cash and two pizzas from her prior to fleeing on foot. A couple of days later, our Crimes Against Persons Sergeant came to me and asked if I could take a look at the case since they had no leads. I read the officer’s report and it listed a cell phone number from which the order had been phoned in. I was unable to locate the number in our local records database or CAD/911 system. I assumed that it was a fairly new number and they probably had not used it much. I then decided as a last resort to run the cell number through LeadsOnline. Sure enough I received a hit. I found two recent transactions in which this number was listed. One transaction was conducted by a black male and the other by a white female. The white female’s address on the pawn ticket was one street over and two blocks down from where the robbery occurred. The two subjects were located the following day and brought in for questioning. They both subsequently confessed to the robbery. Thanks to this system, I was able to identify the two suspects within 20 minutes of receiving the case. Hope this is a good example of the capabilities this system offers to law enforcement. Of course it is only one of many I’ve had over the past few years.”

Ofc. Shad Phillips
Abilene Police Department