More than $50,000 dollars in recoveries for these Mississippi cases crossing jurisdictional lines

“Between May and June of this year our county experienced a rash of burglaries and thefts involving antique items, recreational vehicles, weapons, and a quantity of expensive jewelry items. As a normal investigative technique LeadsOnline was researched on a daily basis to determine if any of the stolen items would surface. Within days items associated with our thefts and burglaries began to be sold at various businesses within 100 miles of our location. Using the information provided by LeadsOnline, we were able to arrest five suspects. Investigations in two surrounding counties dovetailed into our investigation and by their access to LeadsOnline they too have solved several theft and burglary cases in their jurisdictions. The value of our recoveries alone have exceeded $50,000 in this one case.”

Deputy Sheriff David Blackwell
Franklin County Sheriff’s Office