Gun used in attempted murder case recovered 20 years later

“In 1989, Ouachita Parish Sheriff Department worked an Armed Robbery & Attempted First Degree Murder case. During that incident, a Ruger .22 caliber handgun was stolen and was never recovered.

That is, until now. On Feb., 1, 2010 the handgun was pawned in Joshua, Texas. The original Sergeant who worked the case 22 years ago is now our current Sheriff — Royce Toney. The handgun is currently being seized and will be returned to our agency, all thanks to LeadsOnline for alerting us when the handgun was pawned.”

Note: this crime was solved while the department was on the LeadsOnline 30-Day Free Trial.

Staff Sgt. Wade Day
Ouachita Parish Sheriff Department

$180,000 armed robbery solved with LeadsOnline

“We had an armed robbery at a local jewelry store where two suspects stole 85 ladies diamond wedding rings valued at over $180,000. After searching LeadsOnline, I came up with a suspect who pawned 25 ladies diamond wedding rings at three different pawnshops. After going to all three pawnshops and taking photos of the rings, the manager at the jewelry store positively identified the rings and the suspect.”

Detective Ron Turner
Columbus Police Department