Shelby County uses LeadsOnline to track down over 2,000 felony warrants

“I uploaded 2,259 felony warrants into the LeadsOnline database earlier this month. The database does everything based off of driver’s license numbers. Since uploading those warrants into the system, multiple hits have started coming in from all over the country. This gives us an idea where our fugitives are. The hits come in the form of an email showing all the information associated. A hit came in on a suspect who was wanted since 2008 on Aggravated Burglary, Theft of Property, and Petition to Revoke Suspended Sentence. This is a Criminal Court Forfeiture warrant, meaning he went through the indictment process and skipped after the fact. The hit showed that he sold sporting equipment at a business in Jefferson City, MO just a day before the search. The record showed he lived at a specific address in Jefferson, MO. The file was reviewed and it was determined that he needed to be placed on NCIC for surrounding states extradition. Jefferson City PD was contacted and they made an attempt at that location. They advised he was no longer living at that address. CLEAR records showed a different address. Officer Skinner went to that location and found the wanted subject. He was taken into custody without incident. We have been receiving a bunch of these hits anywhere from Atlanta to Chicago and as we have the time we are sending those leads off seeking assistance, but this could be a huge victory for us moving forward as this somewhat automates locating fugitives.”

Sgt. Matthew Keaton
Shelby County Sheriff’s Office