$100,000 worth of stolen jewelry recovered after home caregiver stole from patients

“I found a home caregiver who stole 87 pieces of jewelry from various home healthcare recipients by searching in LeadsOnline. I went to the various shops and photographed each piece of jewelry. I interviewed each victim, and most of them picked out their jewelry from a catalog I created with photos of the recovered jewelry. The total loss was about $100,000, and the suspect received just over $10,000 for the jewelry.”

Res. Ronald Davis
Mesa Police Department

Stolen jewelry and tough love land woman in Arizona prison

“A female had stolen numerous amounts of jewelry from her mother and step-father. In looking at LeadsOnline I was able to match up a good portion of the stolen jewelry that was sold at numerous Pawn Shops, Jewelry shops, and Coin shops around Tucson. Thousands of dollars in jewelry was returned to the mother and step-father. The daughter plead to charges and faces several years in prison. Thanks for the assistance! ”

Det. William Hanson
Tucson Police Department

LeadsOnline thinks you’re a Rock Star for catching crooks!

“I am a Sheriff’s Department Auxillary volunteer with the Pima County Sheriff’s Department and am assigned to the Burglary Unit. In that capacity, I am assigned to checking LeadsOnline. Today, I discovered a stolen Ruger using LeadsOnline. I was using the NCIC stolen items report and received a positive hit on an item that had been reported and had recently been pawned. The item has been recovered and the individual was arrested as a result. I always enjoy catching the bad guys and working for a wonderful department. They think I’m a Rock Star.”

Lorrie Smith
Pima County Sheriff’s Department

LeadsOnline provides victims with a smile

“In March, a stolen Smith & Wesson revolver was identified. The gun was stolen in July of 1986. The firearm was stolen in Michigan and sold in Arizona. Great service! Time to reach out to another victim and provide them with a smile.”

Sgt. K. Weir
Oakland County Sheriff’s Office

That’s my gun, bro’

“I entered a stolen firearm into NCIC in reference to a burglary from a business. LeadsOnline notified me of a possible pawn transaction and it was the same weapon stolen in my business burglary case. The person who pawned the rifle was the brother of the suspect identified in the case who was fully cooperative in the investigation. I think this is an excellent example of how helpful LeadsOnline is.”

Detective Beth Diaz
Glendale Police Department

Peoria PD chills out these A/C thieves

“Using LeadsOnline, Peoria Police identified three suspects in over 16 separate burglaries involving the theft of A/C units from vacant homes. Over $80,000 in damages was committed to the homes, but with the efforts of the Peoria PD and the assistance of LeadsOnline, we have pulled these criminals off the streets in Arizona.”

Officer John Banach
Peoria Police Department

LeadsOnline state scrap theft database alerts police to copper thieves

“In Glendale, Arizona, a vacant multi-million dollar commercial complex was burglarized repeatedly, sustaining tens of thousands of dollars in stolen/damaged property. A fingerprint was located and LeadsOnline was used to locate the stolen copper and also develop a lead to another suspect. The suspect was arrested and confessed to burglarizing the property. He pled to jail time for his involvement.”

Det. Thomas Pocknell
Glendale Police Department

Suspects linked to more than 40 valve thefts causing $75,000 in damages

“The Peoria Police Department’s Impact Team used LeadsOnline to connect three suspects with a dozen cases of stolen water flow valves in Peoria. At the time the three suspects were arrested, they had at least 10 water flow valves with them that have since been connected to a theft in Glendale. In fact, investigators linked the suspects to 20 cases in Scottsdale, and an additional 10 to 15 cases in Glendale. The suspects targeted commercial areas where multiple water flow devices were located in a row. They would steal at least 5 to 10 valves at a time going to the locations late at night or the very early morning. The suspects would take the valves to a scrap yard where they would get about $100 per valve for their precious metal content. However, the businesses who were victims of this crime usually have to pay thousands in repairs costs and have no access to water until the repairs are finished.”

Officer Luis Grijalva
Peoria Police Department

Serial burglar in Arizona taken off the streets with help of LeadsOnline

“I assisted in an investigation regarding a stolen vehicle where the victim knew the suspect. Details about how the vehicle was stolen were sketchy at first, and it was not clear as to whether the suspect had the legal authority to drive the vehicle. During the initial follow up, we learned the suspect was wanted out of the Arizona Department of Corrections for a parole violation. The suspect was a former employee at a scrap yard and frequently took items to various recycling yards in the area from thefts he committed. Since the suspect was wanted for questioning in a stolen vehicle case, was the subject of an outstanding warrant, and was more than likely involved in several theft/burglary cases, it became a high priority to track this suspect down. Using LeadsOnline, I learned valuable information about his pattern of selling. I made contact with the manager of a scrap yard he frequented and informed him of the investigation. They agreed to call me when the suspect showed up. Within two hours my phone was ringing and the suspect had arrived at the yard. I took the suspect into custody as he left, recovered the stolen vehicle, eliminated the warrant and found he had just committed multiple burglaries of vacant residents. Without the information from LeadsOnline, this individual who had no permanent address, would not have been located and apprehended. A highly active thief is now back in prison serving out his sentence and is also up on new charges thanks to LeadsOnline. Thank you for all you do.”

Officer Kris Bertz
Phoenix Police Department

16 felony charges against Target’s Blu-ray thieves

“We had a guy who was stealing hundreds of Blu-ray movies from local Target stores. In two incidents he was stopped by security but produced an expandable baton and fled. We only had photos to go off of. We then searched Blu-rays through LeadsOnline. We compared the MVD photos of those people until we located our guy. We charged him and his neighbor with 16 felony charges.”

Det. Jeff Baker
Tucson Police Department

Arizona bank robbers caught with LeadsOnline

“Our department responded to a bank robbery in Sahuarita, Arizona. Investigation showed that the same suspect had robbed a different bank, earlier in the day, in Pima County, Arizona. We learned that the day before, an anonymous tip was called in describing the individuals involved in bank robberies in the Tucson area over the past three months. This tip included two phone numbers and three names associated with the suspects. We ran this information through all of our police databases, but it was LeadsOnline that cracked this one open. Search warrants were issued and later in the day three suspects were arrested. After interviews, all three confessed to a total of 11 bank robberies in the Tucson / Sahuarita / Pima County area.”

Det. Steve Bunting
Sahuarita Police Department

Elderly couple’s son fraudulently uses their credit cards and steals jewelry

“An elderly couple in our city reported the fraudulent use of one of their credit cards. In the initial interview with the victims, their 50-year-old son was identified as the person responsible for the fraudulent charges. After several days, this couple noticed that some of their jewelry was missing. At first, they thought the jewelry might have been misplaced. Since the couple’s son had already been established as a suspect in the credit card use, a LeadsOnline search was conducted under his name. Seven transactions with the son as the seller were located in an adjacent city. The jewelry was positively identified as the missing jewelry, and confiscated as evidence. The original tickets with the signature and fingerprint of the suspect were received from the Police Department of the city where these transactions were made. The business provided video of the transactions, and this showed the suspect selling the stolen jewelry. This case is now awaiting prosecution.”

Lt. Jim Sepi
Winslow Police Department