Stolen guns, crack cocaine and $10,000 in stolen bikes found via LeadsOnline

“LeadsOnline showed me where a suspect pawned a stolen $1,000 bicycle. We were able to use this information to verify what a confidential informant had told us and write a search warrant. During the warrant we recovered approx. $10,000 in stolen bicycles. During the warrant we also recovered crack cocaine and 4 stolen guns. The house, we later learned from neighborhood residents, was a new crack house and fence for stolen property.”

Det. Ronnie Morgan
Little Rock Police Department

Santa Clara County uses LeadsOnline to find stolen bikes worth over $50,000 in Bay Area

“A 38 year old white male out of San Jose was allowed free access to a bike store in Cupertino. When the owner would go on bike rides with friends on Saturday mornings, suspect would enter store (had keys and alarm code), steal inventory and subsequently sell online. The suspect was arrested and Search Warrant served on home; recovered over 80 items of evidence including 3 Carbon Fiber bikes; all recovered items valued at over $50,000. All because of finding the information on LeadsOnline!”

Sgt. Deborah Johnson
Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office