First day with LeadsOnline reaps success

“On the first day of using LeadsOnline, another detective in my bureau had a burglary investigation that resulted in the identification of the suspect’s eBay account name. I used LeadsOnline to search for the eBay username and located the suspect’s information. The eBay information helped identify the suspects in the burglary.”

Lead Inv. Anthony Pelato
Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

California officer catches thief using the guise of a moving company to steal patron’s property

“Last month I noticed a number of jewelry items, all from the same person, sold to one of the local businesses. I did a check on the person in CLETS and found they were on probation. I went back to LeadsOnline and did a search on the person for the past few months. I found a number of jewelry items which had not been entered in to NCIC because of the lack of serial numbers. I printed out the information and gave it to our SET team member in charge of probation. He ran a probation search on the person and found a number of items in the home which seemed out of place. He found out the person worked for a moving company and checked with the company. They supplied a list of items submitted by various customers who reported items missing when their stuff was delivered. The officer matched the items to the transaction list from LeadsOnline and found the new items on a current list for a serviceman moving overseas. The items match and the officer moved forward in his arrest of the person and return of the property. None of this would have occurred without the entry of the items into LeadsOnline. Great to have such a valuable tool for law enforcement!”

Ofc. Bonnie Terrill
Riverside County Sheriff’s Office

Firearms recovered years after being stolen

“I just recovered a firearm from a 1994 burglary in Pocatello, Idaho. The Leads hit occurred after it was sold to a shop here in Clovis, California. The weapon was recovered and confirmed stolen. The person who sold the weapon said she purchased it from a now deceased friend in 2003 in Idaho. The weapon was returned to its rightful owner in Pocatello.”

Det. Curtis Shurtliff
Clovis Police Department

LeadsOnline’s partnership with NCIC once again helps close a case

“While I was using LeadsOnline, I was able to match an NCIC hit of property taken in one of our residential burglaries. The hit gave us enough information to be able to tie the property stolen in the burglary, specifically a 22 cal. handgun, to a listed and named suspect. The LeadsOnline system seems to be a very good tool.”

Det. Jerry Hanes
San Bernardino Police Department

California PD discover ring of copper thieves while using the LeadsOnline free trial

“My agency gained access to LeadsOnline using the 30-day free trial. Within two hours of having an open LeadsOnline account, our detectives were able to identify a ring of copper thieves that have been plaguing a local business for months. The very next morning we had all four in our custody and located several hundred pounds of stolen copper. We currently have pending charges on three of the subjects.”

Sgt. Troy Adams
Belmont Police Department

Santa Clara County uses LeadsOnline to find stolen bikes worth over $50,000 in Bay Area

“A 38 year old white male out of San Jose was allowed free access to a bike store in Cupertino. When the owner would go on bike rides with friends on Saturday mornings, suspect would enter store (had keys and alarm code), steal inventory and subsequently sell online. The suspect was arrested and Search Warrant served on home; recovered over 80 items of evidence including 3 Carbon Fiber bikes; all recovered items valued at over $50,000. All because of finding the information on LeadsOnline!”

Sgt. Deborah Johnson
Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office

California detective solves cyber crime in record time

“I used the eBay search tool through LeadsOnline for the first time and instantly received information on a potential suspect who lived in our city. Immediate follow-up was conducted at the suspect’s residence and the stolen property, worth approximately $9,000, was recovered from his home! I am thankful for the partnership LeadsOnline has with eBay because without it, I don’t think I would have been able to locate this property. Needless to say, the victim was ecstatic to hear his property was recovered in record breaking time!”

Det. Stacy Orchulli
El Cajon Police Department

California law enforcement detective caps off investigation by returning stolen collectibles to owner

“While investigating a residential burglary of high value of $100,000 collectible items, I contacted LeadsOnline and requested assistance using the eBay search function. LeadsOnline was extremely helpful and walked me through the search functions. Over the following weeks I regularly searched for the specific stolen items on When I located potential matches I used the eBay search function on LeadsOnline to obtain account holder information. This saved hours and hours of investigation and warrant writing as I was able to easily obtain the information needed from LeadsOnline to eliminate suspects. Eventually all the searching paid off when I located one item of property for sale on Using LeadsOnline I was able to search using the suspect’s username and obtain his full name and contact information. I was then able to obtain a search warrant and recover approximately 90{eaf91c7142ede36c84724a2d24afac6a4a8d633fc6fbb2c5a4d5437c75438ec9} of the stolen items. Thank you, LeadsOnline!”

Det. Kellye Netz
Atascadero Police Department

Burglary suspect leads California detectives to identity thief

“I conducted a check of stolen property by running the name of a possible suspect. The name and birth date of the suspect showed matches for three sales in the Pacific Beach San Diego area. Two of the three sales matched stolen property from two vehicle burglaries, one ring and one purse. While the purse (Coach) is common, the description by the victim matched perfectly. The ring, which was a family heirloom, also matched perfectly. With the assistance of LeadsOnline, we were able to positively identify the suspect and make an arrest, which led to the arrest of a second suspect for unrelated crimes of identity theft. Thank you Leads Online for the assist.”

Det. Aaron Mansker
Coronado Police Department