Missing girl’s whereabouts are traced with the help of LeadsOnline

“I got a case assigned to me by my Captain which was a missing person report. The girl that was missing is 23 and a lot of things led up to the report and why it was assigned to me. Her social media updates had stopped, her phone was turned off etc. So I got information on someone she may have been hanging with. I started out by calling people, friends and known associates. They all had the same story that the missing girl and the guy she may be with were in rehab together and they are probably out looking for drugs. I decided to use LeadsOnline because I have solved so many cases using the system. I ran the guys name and he was in Michigan pawning some items. I called the store and got the surveiliance video and they both the daughter and the guy we were told she was with were at a business getting money for a gold ring. I was able explain to the mom, that her daughter is in Detroit with the guy we thought she was with, and she appeared to be fine. She was glad her daughter was OK and now both subjects PO’s have been notified because they’re not allowed to leave VA without permission. LeadsOnline works for everything. Best tool I have ever used when finding property and now people.”

Inv. Patrick Hobbs
Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department