Burglary victim discovers relative stole her belongings

“One of our residents reported a home burglary. Using LeadsOnline, we discovered the stolen items were sold at two separate shops. The stolen items included two Samsung tablets and a gold ring. The items were returned to the victim, and it turned out the victim’s nephew was the thief. The victim did not want to press charges because of the family connection. However, she was ecstatic to get her belongings returned so quickly. Thanks again LeadsOnline!”

Det. Dennis Campos
Villa Park Police Department

$7,000 worth of jewelry recovered immediately

“It has been a good week for me and LeadsOnline! I recovered almost $7,000 worth of jewelry and electronics for our victims. One case was also an immediate hit and recovery. The pawn store had entered one number in the serial number wrong, but I knew it was what I was looking for. Life would be a lot harder without this valuable tool. Needless to say, the victims were very happy. Thanks!”

Sgt. Chase Nagle
Vestavia Hills Police Department

Multi-jurisdictional home invasion cases closed with LeadsOnline

“We had several home invasions reported where suspects were stealing jewelry and electronics. I used LeadsOnline to track down one of the homeowner’s jewelry, resulting in thousands of dollars of recovered property. This led investigators to suspects who had just committed another home invasion, and we recovered several guns and ammo. LeadsOnline assisted law enforcement to close several multi-jurisdictional home invasion cases and put a crew in prison! Thank you.”

Det. Michele Miller
Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Independence Township

Nine arrested and three deported after being busted for large burglary hoist

“We had a large burglary where approximately $10,000 in cash, electronics, jewelry, and designer purses were stolen. Among the jewelry was a designer watch. I looked for it on LeadsOnline, and bingo there it was. The person who sold it said she had bought it from another female. That female gave up all the others involved; seven males and three females, including this suspect. We retrieved almost all the electronic items and most of the jewelry and purses. Out of these people, nine were arrested and three were deported. LeadsOnline, you are awesome!!!”

Det. Betty J. Silva
Jacinto City Police Department

Helping solve a case in just a few hours

“I was assigned a case in reference to several firearms and electronics stolen from a residence in Charleston, WV. The victim stated that he was unsure of who may have taken the items and had no suspect information. I was able to obtain intelligence from other family members that his son-in-law was having financial problems and has been recently pawning items. At this point, I entered the son-in-law’s name into LeadsOnline and immedaiately located all of the stolen items. In addition, this allowed me to later interview the suspect and achieve a confession. Furthermore, thanks to LeadsOnline, I was able to solve my case within hours of being assigned.”

Det. Jamey Noland
Charleston Police Department
Criminal Investigation Division
West Virginia

LeadsOnline used by investigators in Cleveland County to find stolen guns and electronics

“A burglary was reported to the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department where several guns and electronics were stolen. Three days later, the 46 inch Samsung flat screen television that was stolen out of the residence was located at a pawnshop in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. The Mossberg 410 shotgun had been sold at Money Mart Pawn Shop in Pine Bluff. The suspect also sold a Ruger 10/22, Knight Muzzleloader, and a Marlin 17 caliber rifle. The suspect has been identified and is in custody. Almost all of the property reported stolen has been recovered thanks to LeadsOnline.”

Det. Josh Bolland
Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department

Medford, Oregon PD recover 375 items of stolen property in six months

“In the first six month of the year, the Medford Police Department has recovered 375 items of stolen property. This rapid recovery of stolen property in Oregon is thanks to LeadsOnline. This recovered property is including 130 tools, 84 boxes of ammo and magazines, 13 guns/scopes, 33 cameras/computers/electronics, 72 items of jewelry/commemorative belt buckles and other items.”

Tom Haynie
Medford Police Department

LeadsOnline helps solve cases without any leads

“I just have to say, LeadsOnline is an essential tool if you are investigating property crimes. To date I have been able to recover stolen property ranging from firearms, jewelry, electronics, and so much more. There have been times in my investigations where there is no physical evidence to go off of, which we all know happens a lot. LeadsOnline has helped me solve cases that otherwise would have never gone anywhere. As soon as I’m assigned a new case, the first thing I do is search the serial number; or description on LeadsOnline. You guys have become such an important asset. Thank you!”

Inv. Cayce Hampton
Henderson County Sheriff’s Office